Shaquille O'Neal: basketball legend; gentle mountain of a man; low key Twitter God; boom box genie; Beyoncé super fan.

We got our first glimpse into Shaq's obsession with Queen Bey when he let his female alter ego Shaquita out of her cage on Halloween 2010 to perform a "Sweet Dream" singalong for the ages. Work it out Shaquita.

Then in 2013, during Beyoncé's performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, he shared an emotional lip dub of "Halo," that can only be described as...stricken? Literally, same.

Then, yesterday, in honor of Beyoncé's nine Grammy nominations, Shaq gifted us with a heartfelt, tour-de-force rendition of "All Night" at his Inside The NBA cubicle that will speak to your very soul. Is he crying? Am I crying?

Watch below and let Shaq heal you...

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