I mean, not that we're complaining at all ever about this, but who knew that Beyoncé-ing (Yoncifying? Yonce-ing? No?) the world would become so trendy. Since Queen Bey surprised-released that musically-better-than-Lemonade — sorry, stans: fight me — self-titled record in 2013, everyone from Radiohead to Frank Ocean has embraced the iconic marketing and sale$ tactic.

Shamir, queer indie pop&B darling, shook us all into submission with last year's Hope, album, and under the dark cloak of night, he did it again with an eight-song LP, Resolution, and also a two-song EP, called Room. What's more, Resolution is his third album in two years (Revelations arrived last November). Prolific!

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Anyway, you should totally stream both, below, via Bandcamp. Brace yourselves for an immersive sonic experience that feels weightless, free, and without boundaries, not to mention Shamir's show-stopping vocal turns, dips, dives, runs, coos, etc.

I know: It's asking a lot to take it all in at once, but YAS Shamir is here, whether we like it or not (don't get it twisted: we are totally here for it!), much like the way Beyoncé gives us time to put salve on our bleach-burned scalps between her epic slayage. What'll these savants think of next?

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