Seymour Hersh Talks & Scientology News

  • The World is Saved: Seymour Hersh predicts that U.S. Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation will "save the world" by bringing down the Bush administration. Washington Post via Toronto Globe & Mail

  • Scientology Science: Forget Aspen, Sun Valley or any of the other power places inhabited by power people on power weekends. This week it's at the sedate town of East Grinstead in Sussex where the Scientologists or "sinos," as the church's members are known locally, make their U.K. headquarters. The Cruises (Katie & Tom), the Travoltas (John & Kelly) and other worthies will attend the 3-day confab in the remote Georgian house bought by the church's founder L. Ron Hubbard 45 years ago. The highlight was undoubtedly tthe standing ovation given to Cruise for giving some $7 million over 15 years. The article in the Independent closes on this snarky note: "It is unclear if Travolta's wife and Cruise's fiancée had the chance to talk. If so, it is reasonable to assume that Ms Preston would have pressed home the cult's central doctrine about childbirth - that mothers should not express pain while in labour for fear of traumatising the baby."



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