Shoppers rejoice!!! Mr. Mickey's longtime favorite high-fashion salesperson is back. The sexy and chic Sergei Mihailov was King of the third floor men's department at Barneys and always steered Mr. Mickey to the most fabulous looks. Well sadly Sergei left Barneys (fear not, MM has found solace in the arms of salesman HB!). He spent some time at Dior Homme but now has landed at Jeffrey, which is fabulous news! MM just stopped in Jeffrey (he was on 14th St. popping into Stella McCartney to buy this season's tote bag) and MM must say they are so sweet at Jeffrey. MM doesn't know if any of you remember that skit they used to do on SNL where they portrayed the kids at Jeffrey as snobby fashion snots. MM was always outraged because the people are sooooo sweet there! Anyhoo, see you in the Meat Packing District girls!!!

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