According to multiple reports, adult actor Amber Rayne tragically passed away in her sleep this weekend at the age of 31 following a "possible overdose" -- however the mainstream media's callous treatment of her death in subsequent reports (i.e. headlines that refer to Rayne, not by her name, but as a "porn star") has caused a huge pushback on social media.

Making headlines last year as one of eight women to come forward about being sexually assaulted by fellow adult actor James Deen, the fact that she's being identified as a "porn star" solely defined by her sexual assault is so many levels of fucked up -- especially when contrasted with Deen's "adult actor" title. Does anyone else smell double standards at play?

However, one of the worst indignities said reports committed was reducing Rayne to a nameless sex worker, all while choosing to name her alleged attacker.

Thankfully though, some of the most effective criticism has been exemplified by the #SheHasAName Twitter tag that's currently trending in response. One of several Twitter campaigns aiming to give visibility to sex workers and reframe media bias surrounding the adult industry, #SheHasAName is a powerful statement that refuses to let Rayne be reduced to a "porn star" primarily defined by her assault.

Rest in peace, Amber Rayne -- #SheHasAName.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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