PAPER Associate Editor Sandra Song peels back the oft-maligned veneer of porn, sex work and sexual fetishes by taking these stigmatized subjects and diving past their smutty exteriors to talk about the deeper socio-cultural implications of all things sex. Exploring topics that are typically kept under wraps, whether it be strange sexual inclinations or the secret lives of strippers, join Sandra as she speaks to the Internet's most popular camgirls, craziest sexual innovators and a few of the biggest porn stars in the biz. You've never been this keen on the obscene.

Sex With Sandra is back! In the second episode, Sandra talks with entrepreneur Vanessa Cuccia, who merges self-love with spirituality via her healing crystal sex toy company Chakrubs. Watch as the women talk melding sexuality and spirituality, why crystalline structure is ideal for energy channeling, and what crystal is best for healing a broken heart (through your vagina).

Watch the newest episode with Chakrubs founder, Vanessa Cuccia, below:

If you missed the first episode, an interview with internet personality weed_slut_420, catch it here.

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