Located in the heart of New York's West Village, legendary sex store Tic Tac Toe is like Filipina pop star K Rizz's second home --something that's evident from the second we walk in together. The former fashion student, who says she knows the store "inside and out," points out displays and explains toys, talking about her preferred brands, looks and accessories that spice up everything from the bedroom to the ballroom -- so we figured, who better to advise us on a holiday gift guide for all the "Naughties" on your list?

Peep Miss Rizz's recommendations below and get the one you love...a lot, a gift that you can benefit from as well. ;)

The most tantalizing texture: "I'm all about stringy. I think that gives me prime Fifth Element looks...the more revealing the better...for fabrics I like solids, not sheers, because I'm a solid bitch."
Try: Lascivious' Wanda Tassel Suspender, $119

For the newly engaged:
"Whenever I get married, I don't care, I'm coming back here to make sure there are [penis-themed party favors] all around."
Try: Penis-Shaped Mold from the Pecker Cake Kit, $40

The best fetish clothing brand: "Lust. That name says it all!"
Try: Lust's Cross Net Dress, $26

The best vibrator style: "Jackrabbits always go off."
Try: Eve's Sexy Things Rabbit, $74.95

Leather or lace: "Leather is more salbahe [Tagalog for "naughty"] -- like bam. Lace is more like regal, bedroom stuff. I'm fiercer than lace."
Try: Leather's Lover Harness, $89.95

Fishnets or knee highs:
"I love fishnets -- anything a pirate would wear. Or a wench. You can already tell that pirate look is gonna be big...I like to look like Slay Rizz, Captain of the Cowgirls, leading her Slaysian sisters across the sea to the motherland."
Ms. Exposed Fishnet Bodystocking, $24.95

Best non-penetrative toy: "I used to carry around sex dice...like, I brought them to school. When I was bored, I'd just throw 'em out."
Try: CalExotics Hot Sex Dice, $13.95

Most underrated gift:
"Gloves really change the game. They elongate women's arms... and if a girl is gonna be 'slutty,' she's gonna be classy at the same time. Plus it takes a lot to wear [fetishwear out], so you might as well go ham."
Try: Lover's Lane Wet Look Gloves, $19

Best sexy costume:
"I do love schoolgirl. Once upon a time I was a Catholic schoolgirl, but if I did it now I'd go for anything [stockings, legwear that lets] the pussy out. You know, she need air. Maybe with a little skirt over it so when the wind blows..."
Try: Lust's Horny U Schoolgirl Costume Set, $46

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