Today in delightful Internet finds, we bring you the personal Instagram account of one Dan Clay, a 32-year-old professional and diehard Sex and the City fan who also happens to pull off some incredible show-inspired drag as Carrie Dragshaw.

Spurred by a photo he posted of himself dressed as Carrie for Halloween, his image was soon reposted by a big SATC fan page and noticed by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, who called the look "a triumph." Even better? Clay has an incredible knack for channeling Carrie's trademark writing style, crafting accompanying captions that truly belong in the New York Star. Though that's not really a surprise seeing as how Clay told Cosmopolitan that he's "watching Sex and the City the way people read James Joyce. I'm analyzing the sentence structure, like deconstructing how she asks questions."

Peep a few of our favorite Carrie Dragshaw looks below.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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