Seven Random Hunks You Should Follow On Vine

By Jordan Sternberg
Our resident admirer of fratty straight boys has made a list of seven beefcakes you should follow on Vine. It's only creepy if you want it to be!

<script async="" src="//" charset="utf-8"/></div><br/> <a href=""><strong>@Taylor Burkhalter</strong></a><br/><br/> University of Arkansas student Taylor Burkhalter has dreamy blue eyes and some funny vines. Our particular favorites are his #Casual (I'm currently working on a 30,000 piece puzzle) and #Awkward (steam squats, donkey clam) series.<br/><br/> <div style="text-align: center;"> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="600px" width="600px"/></div> <strong> <br/><a href="">@Colin Young</a></strong><br/><br/> Hunky singer Colin Young uses most of his Vines to capture the relentless pranking of cute girlfriend Carrlyn. We love the shenanigans but mostly love the rare times we get a glimpse of the rocker.<br/><strong/><br/>

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