Seriously F-ed Up: Deadgirl!

Opening Friday at midnight at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in NY (143 E. Houston Street) is the transgressive shocker Deadgirl. Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and his buddy J.T. (Noah Segan) are cutting high school and break into an abandoned mental institution to drink beers. Exploring the lower tunnels they find a weird naked girl (Jenny Spain) chained to a cot and eventually discover she’s dead but also very much alive -- so J.T. decides to take advantage of the situation by using her as his personal sex toy. Director Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel’s seriously fucked up movie plays out like a horror fantasy hatched by a horny, deranged, pubescent boy. Especially when J.T. says: “Sure, she’s some kind of a monster or something, but she’s our monster...” Jenny Spain is a ferociously sexy good sport as the zombie chick. It’s hard to be angry at a movie so purposely misogynistic and wrong and twisted. I just wouldn’t want to be sitting next to Gloria Steinem or Kate Millet while I was watching this.

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