Walking shampoo commercial, Selena Gomez, has channeled some good old fashioned, unfiltered love angst for the new music video of her Revival track "Kill Em With Kindness."

The black-and-white video is pretty simple, with Selena posing for a photoshoot; sort of looks like that rich girl in your graduating class whose parents paid for a super high budget senior yearbook picture.

Stunning in several gowns and lingerie, Queen Seleeeeen, makes heartbreak look chic as all hell, and she coos about matching an ex's pettiness by taking the high (and classy) road.

Coincidentally, the song comes mere HOURS after Bieber disciples lost their shit when it was "reported" that the Canadian superstar re-followed his on/off lady love on Instagram.

Ah, the genius of marketing teams fires of love.

Watch below.

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