AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH we've finally hit critical mass on the whole "are they/are they not" sitch with Abel and Selena! To get you up to speed real quick: we've known that #SelBel were a thing (they're not super great at hiding it but also they like to make us, seasoned investigators, go on a scavenger hunt through the 'Gram). But they haven't exactly said they're heart eyes for each other. UNTIL NOW.

Lovebirds Selena Gomez and the Weeknd met up in Amsterdam at the rapper's concert this week. She posted the evidence on her Instagram story--over the top of her stiletto heels we can see the Starboy dancing with pure star joy.

Cozier and cozier, friends, things are getting cozier and cozier.

Their VERY REAL relationship has caused upset, of course, with Abel's ex Bella Hadid, who both unfollowed Selena after the two started making headlines and made it clear that she's tired of hearing about the two.

An insider told US that Gomez plans on showing up at random stops throughout the Weeknd's tour, so keep an eye out for Abel's elusive but FOR SURE girlfriend.

Header photo via David X Prutting/

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