Selena Gomez is asking Google to put an immediate stop to ads spreading election disinformation.

With the high-stakes event just around corner, there's been a troubling uptick in ads disseminating misleading or outright false info. However, in an effort to help combat this phenomenon, Gomez apparently slid into CEO Sundar Pichai's DMs to ask for the removal of them from all Google-related sites.

"Hi Sundar, although we have never met, I just learned that Google is making millions of dollars putting ads on websites that spread disinformation about our election," Gomez wrote in a screenshot shared to her Instagram Story. "I'm hoping you are also just finding this out too. Please shut this down immediately. The fate of our country depends on it."

And while she didn't cite any specific examples, Google came under fire earlier this fall for previously approving an ad connected to a conservative nonprofit, which was meant to raise concerns about mail-in voting security.

According to The Washington Post, the ad-in-question was found to be riddled with disinformation about the issue within key swing states Florida, Michigan, and Texas. And so needless to say, Gomez's ask is an important one for Google to hear.

See her message, below.

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