The latest episodes from Hudson Valley Ballers, the web series created by SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson, along with Michelle Lawler, about fictional versions of Pell and Anderson who leave SNL, decamp to the Hudson River Valley and open a B&B, are here -- and Tina Fey's Sarah Palin voice is baaack. Previously the web series got cameos from folks like Rachel Dratch, Natasha Lyonne, Paul Rudd and Lena Dunham and, included in a batch of eight new episodes, is one featuring Fey as a Midwestern food critic/hospitality industry reviewer named Gingie (loosely modeled, we're guessing, on Angie from Angie's List) who comes to stay at the B&B. While Fey piles on the Midwestern friendliness with her Waukegan-via-Wasilla accent, lurking beneath is a nasty side that seems to know an awful lot about prison. Give the episode, which comes from Above Average and Lexus, a watch above and check out more HERE.
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