See Naomi Watts in a Wig From 1,000 Angles In the New Trailer for Diana

by Max Kessler

We all know the tragic story of Princess Diana, so we guess the makers of this teaser trailer for Diana, the upcoming biopic about the Princess of Wales, decided to eschew speech altogether. Who needs it? Seeing a thousand different shots of Naomi Watts' dressed as Diana while an extended piano version of "Apologize" plays in the background is suspenseful enough? The only other thing we can glean from this clip is that Watts appears to be suffering from Weird Wig Syndrome, or WWS. Girl should join the Lincoln-Phil Spector Weird Wig Support Group. While Watts is usually great, we're gonna put this in the same category as the Anna Nicole Smith biopic: we're very skeptical but deeply excited. Watch above.

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