Taking a page from Kehinde Wiley, the web has been obsessed lately with mashing up modern celebs and historical paintings. Previously, we introduced you to a Tumblr that points out the *eerie* similarities between contemporary rappers and classical art subjects along with a project that inserts magazine covers into the same sorts of historical artworks. Today we found a French artist whose work riffs on a similar theme, replacing the figures in art masterpieces with the faces of celebrities. Voyages dans les temps is the brainchild of Rennes-based graphic artist Bénédicte Lacroix and includes stars like Miley, Ryan Gosling, Jack Nicholson, Madonna, Beyoncé and more transformed into military heroes, Dutch maidens or in Leonardo DiCaprio's case, Vincent Van Gogh himself. We hear that Lacroix works as a retoucher and it shows -- her precision when it comes to inserting Miley's scowl into a Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger painting or Madonna's gaze into a piece by Vittorio Corcos is impressive. Take a look at some of our favorites and head to Lacroix's Tumblr to see the rest.

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