Though he's no stranger to bold patterns and chokers, Gregg Araki has created his first-ever fashion film, whose trailer we ran last month, for Kenzo's new F/W '15 line. Between Slowdive playing in the background, a handlebar mustache, and some batshit dialogue, "Here Now" is classic Araki. The short film is a surreal callback to his cult 90's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy including Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere.

The cast includes a bevy of beautiful, fresh-faced actors like Avan Jogia, Chicago Fire's Jake Weary, Nicole LaLiberte (from Araki's 2010 film Kaboom), Suburgatory's Jane Levy, Glee's Jacob Artist, and Grace Victoria Cox. Oh, there's also a nun.

Watch the video below.

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