Longtime PAPER photographer Jiro Schneider went out to Joshua Tree to experience the gorgeous 'Super Moon' (or the moment in the moon's cycle that it appears the largest from Earth) last week. While there he captured the amazing lunar and the incredible light it emitted. In his words:

"When there's a full moon the in sky it reminds me of my childhood growing up in the desert. Without any light pollution the moon was so bright we were able to run around at night without flashlights; fully capable of seeing the brush and cacti all around. With news of this extra brilliant supermoon approaching, I was drawn back out to that otherworldly place in order to use this rare and extraordinarily bright night to my advantage. While others were focused on the moon itself, I decided I would turn around and utilize its heightened glow to photograph the illuminated scene around me.

[**Note** These were shot fully "all in camera". No photoshop comps or special filters applied. ]

Model: RP

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