Big Sean is on a roll. As if you weren't still reeling from last week's drop of his heartwarming "One Man Can Change the World" video, today he's offered us up two more visual gems from his Dark Sky Paradise release -- this time in full color.

"All Your Fault" comes through with a little Street Fighter-esque verse-battling between Sean and Kanye (who also throws down some current event protest realness) in a nightclub. And it's, er, G.O.O.D. After all, how can you go wrong when you pair an irresistible hook with a guest from God himself?

"I Know," on the other hand, features the radiant Jhené Aiko as Old Sean's geriatric love interest. Heavily made up, the duo romance each other over slow dances and stolen glances, for a heartwarming narrative that ends with a grand escape to the dive bar of their dreams and a "turn back time" moment. 

Now this is the kind of two-for-one deal I can get behind.
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