Scumbag Steve Met Grumpy Cat at SXSW

By Abby Schreiber
Scumbag Steve and Grumpy Cat hung out at SXSW. FOMO to the millionth degree. [via Im With Kanye]

Here' a promo for JASH, a new YouTube channel by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and Tim & Eric that made its SXSW debut on Sunday. [via Vulture]

This is how we imagined out lives as bloggers would be... [via Tall Whitney]

But this is how they actually are.

In 1968, a teenage girl wrote asking Spock for advice and this is what he told her. Who knew Leonard Nimoy had an advice column (or that it would melt your heart)? [via Buzzfeed]

This pup's got the blues and has to let it all out. [via F Yeah Dementia]

But is that the causation? Or is that a result of the correlation between cool leather jackets and attracting lots and lots of babes? [via Humor Train]

Iowa Fashion Week began this week. And, in other news, the word "innovate" has already been used 650,000 times at SXSW. [via The Onion]

Will Smith stopped by a South London high school the other day and performed a sing-along version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. Hey Will, wanna come by and do a Kitchen Concert sometime? [via Hyper Vocal]

<br/><br/><div align="left">Here's the long-awaited sequel to <a href="">"What Gay Men Think of Vaginas,"</a> entitled -- you guessed it! -- "What Lesbians Think About Penises." Answers include "springy," "persistent" and "just get it away from my face." [via <a href="">YouTube</a>]<br/></div></div>

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