(photo by Larry Clark)

There's no longer a reason to fear laundry day, as Long Giang Dang laundromat at 168 Elizabeth Street (on the border of NYC's Chinatown and Soho) is hosting a special three-show photography exhibition curated by local artists Benedict Brink and Todd Jordan.

Entitled The Spring Cleaning, the series will showcase works from 24 photographers, including Kids director Larry Clark, skateboarder-turned-artist Ed Templeton and fashion photographer Maya Handley. And while this may initially seem like a disparate array of talent, all the works are connected to ideas of youth and portraiture -- a happy accident according to Brink and Jordan. Don't forget your quarters.

The Spring Cleaning will be displayed on May 29th, June 26th and July 24th.

(photo by Larry Clark)

(photo by Benedict Brink)

(photo by Ed Templeton)

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