One of the most exciting acts out of Brooklyn right now is psych-rock trio, Honey, who just announced their debut album, Love is Hard, out May 6th via Wharf Cat. Made up of William Schmiechen (formerly of Amen Dunes), Dan Wise (previously of Psychic Ills) and Cory Feierman, the group blends distortion-laden guitar licks and room-shaking percussion for a sound that's simultaneously heavy and completely danceable. The guys just released a new video, "Monk," that shows off their trippy, psychedelic M.O. with clips that blend Aleister Crowley darks arts vibes with characters straight out of the '70s leather scene. The band told Fader that their vision was to feature "a day in the life of 80-year-old chanteur Chris Kachulis" and that they shot it "at our deep haunt Wild Kingdom" in South Williamsburg.

Peep the video for "Monk" and listen to their raucous single, "White City," below.

Pre-order a copy of Love is Hard HERE

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