Scientology is Gay...Very Gay!

     While this L.A. Woman was in New York last month, one of our favorite L.A. men was stirring up trouble back home in nearby Los Feliz.  John Roeker, who used to run the underground Silver Lake boutique/gallery/hang out "You've Got Bad Taste' (along with X frontwoman Exene Cervenka), continues to retain the courage of his punk rock convictions. As if his X-rated puppet movie about the Manson murders , "Live Freaky! Die Freaky!' wasn't enough of an afront to Hollywood, Roeker has now set off e-meters all over town. Like a very, very, very devlish Bugs Bunny in black eyeliner, Roeker continues to gleefully - and creatively- piss off the right people. The day before I left town I got a cryptic message from him saying "Call me. I got a  funny story to tell you." I didn't have time to hear it but later found this link in my 'in box' and discovered that all the fun stuff always happens when you're out of town! God love him. Xenu certainly doesn't!

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