Sci-Fi Cult Classic Queen Of Blood On DVD

Now available on Twentieth Century Fox home entertainment DVD-on-demand live is Queen Of Blood (MGM). This sci-fi 1966 fan favorite came about because producer Roger Corman had bought some Russian spaceship footage and writer/director Curtis Harrington constructed a story around it. Basil Rathbone plays Dr. Farraday, who leads an expedition to Mars to retrieve a downed spacecraft from another galaxy. The only survivor is a lime green-skinned blonde female alien (Florence Marley) and unfortunately she feasts on human blood to survive. Handsome John Saxon and a young Dennis Hopper plays astronauts ordered to bring her back at all costs. "One should not be shocked at anything we find out there." says Dr. Farraday. The late, unheralded, Harrington began working with Kenneth Anger on films and graduated to the memorably strange mermaid film Night Tide, starring Dennis Hopper and Luana Anders. His fascinating work also includes the twisty thriller Games, starring Simone Signoret, What's The Matter With Helen?, starring Shelley Winters and Debbie Reynolds, as well as The Killing Kind with Ann Southern and John Savage.

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