SATURDAY:  I just had to run over to the Bumble and Bumble space on 13th street to see what the buzz was all about over designer JASMIN SHOKRIAN. Ran right into Barneys Julie Gilhart and the Times' Cathy Horyn. I liked what I saw. The sensibility was a bit topsy turvy zen chic. Lots of little shruggy "things." (I don't  know how else to describe them over tight below the knee straight skirts. Plus lots of "oops the sewing machine slipped" details that added a kooky edge to the elegance. THEN came the amazing ASFOUR show which blew us away. Asfour's simple, smart idea for their presentation at Deitch's Wooster Street space was perfect. They had rows of little rotating circular platforms and one by one, the models appeared in front of a huge bank of press photogs then they sauntered over to their little platform and hopped on turning ever so slowly around in circles so the crowd could walk by and peruse the gorgeous clothes from front and back. To me this was a fantastic way to really get up close to these clothes and everyone saw everything so it was very egalitarian. I adored it. A couple of pieces are shown here but check on our site for more looks.
Sunday morning at ten AM I found myself in the meat market in some dark bar looking at HANUK's collection. This is the quirky guy who just won one of the Ecco Domani award. His small collection was just as quirky as he is. I'm not sure what he did with all the money he won ($25,000) but he didn't put it into doing a big collection or doing a great presentation but his clothes were worthy nonetheless. Another small brand we saw this weekend who also won the Ecco Domani award was VENA CAVA who really gave us alot of bang for their buck. They presented a big collection in about six different really cute vignettes. These guys put in big effort. I just wish that the talented Hanuk had put in as much effort because he is really talented and the clothes he did do were interesting and good, but he disappointed me with his slightly half-assed efforts.


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