Scenes from the Yellow Dogs at Glasslands

Danny Krug
The Yellow Dogs took over Glasslands Gallery last night to celebrate the release of their second EP, Upper Class Complexity. The set was the sort of frenetic performance that fans of the band have come to expect, with jumpy guitar riffs, weird synth and dance-punk drums.

The quartet, which has been in Brooklyn for two years, originally hails from Iran and risk being imprisoned should they ever return home. The band's music is not approved by Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the Yellow Dogs had to practice in secret and were only able to play two underground shows before they left the country. They have, however, thrived in Brooklyn. The new EP topped the eMusic charts when it was released, and the Yellow Dogs are planning an upcoming tour around the country.

Check out shots from their show last night with ERAAS, Fan-Tan and Slothrus in the gallery above.

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