Scenes From the Russian Party

By Rebecca Smeyne

Promoter Seva Granik of ABRACADABRA recently launched a new series of parties for Russian New Yorkers and those who love them, called simply, The Russian Party. Friday saw its third edition, this time in a Williamsburg loft, with DJs Dean Bein from True Panther sounds (as DJ Tsoi Sauce) and Dasha Suralmasha. Lasers with illustrations and Russian phrases (example: a sports car and a phrase which translates as "Daddy, buy this") pierced the air above a boisterous dance floor fueled by retrofuturistic Russian electro hits from the '80s and 9'0s. The party started as a personal project for Granik, who recruited fellow Russky pals Darya Zhuk and Veronika Ossi to co-promote, throwing the party jointly as "Three Muskateers," and it's caught on with Russians and non-Russians alike, each crowd gawking at the other. Check out scenes of the Soviet fun-times, below.

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