Over the weekend, Bushwick's Wayfarers Gallery played host to an art exhibition of some fresh-faced, female talent for an exhibition aptly dubbed "Teen Dream."

Predominantly inspired by curator Brittany Natale's mother -- a Parsons alum who has faced much adversity within the male-dominated art world -- the show was meant to act as "a sampling of what females want society to hear and understand of them when society sometimes chooses to not listen, either intentionally or unintentionally." Addressing everything from mental health to women's reproductive's rights, it also served as a comprehensive look at what it means to be a young girl growing up in today's world -- complete with the undeniable bonus of having vegan snacks and a bead bracelet bar.

Featuring an impressive (Rookie-heavy) line-up of young, female-identifying artists from across the country -- including the likes of Crybaby Zine editor Remi Riordan, Durable Girls Collective's Amira Rosenbush and Art Hoe Collective curator Sage Adams -- we sent photographer Luis Nieto Dickens down to the opening for all of you who missed out on this weekend's action. Peep it below.

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