Scenes From Ladyfag's Pop Souk Bazaar With Pam Hogg and a Crazy-Rare Issue of Paper

Rebecca Smeyne
Ladyfag's second edition of Pop Souk, a pop-up bazaar catering to nightlife's most colorful characters, featured a mind-boggling array of vendors hawking clothing, accessories, manicures, even edible treats (brown butter miso chex mjx anyone?). Catsuit-aficionado Pam Hogg was in town from London, with a rack of limited-edition goodies from her eponymous label, and V Files offered some prime vintage magazines (including an early issue of PAPER!) [Ed note: That particular issue is very, very hard to find and we only have one copy in our archives. Name your price, V Files!] Trends we noticed include Indian-influenced facial chains (like those being sold by PAPER 2012 Beautiful Person Ms. Fitz, which require no piercing) as well as tattoos; specifically, "Ladyfag" tattoos. Lady, who could be seen slinking around the event in one of Hogg's famous metallic numbers, offers free lifetime entry to her parties to those inked with her name. No less than 7 people got "Ladyfag" tattoos at the event on Saturday afternoon, at last count. And we'll leave you with that.

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