Scenes from Jeremy Kost's "After the Party" Opening at Dactyl Foundation

Joseph Alexiou

Downtown scensters, designers, and the gay hip set crowded around Polaroids and videos of white undy-clad boys at the Dactyl Foundation's opening reception for Jeremy Kost's "After the Party" on Tuesday. Prabal Gurung and Victor Glemaud chuckled over Red Bull vodkas while Heatherette designer Richie Rich flitted about, checking out the videos of Kost and that beautifully chiseled model destroying a stuffed lion. Also present were pop microstar Alexandra Alexis, Marc Jacobs squeeze Lorenzo Martone, and Will T. Jordon, who introduced himself as "Will from the Maritime Hotel..." All pondered the shots of sexy guys in various levels of undress (and stuffed animal mutilation) covering the walls. Kost, who was wearing gold Y-3's and a jacket by Ksubi, described his visual abstract narratives as "recalling childhood, a story of self-doubt and the destruction of beauty and identity, all with remorse," while cringing as his guests stomped all over the display of the reconstructed stuffed animals used in the shoots.

Photos by Catherine Neckes

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