Over the weekend, the McKittrick Hotel, home to Sleep No More, hosted the first two of three nights of Halloween revelry. Dubbed 'Inferno 2017: A Halloween Masquerade,' the bash brought out hundreds of guests to wander the building's many floors, which included a grand ballroom featuring a DJ, go-go dancers, performers (when we arrived, we heard some sort of gospel being preached by fiery clergyman) and more; an intimate jazz club; a small venue featuring a raucous brass band; and, of course, bits and bobs from Sleep No More's immersive performances including rooms where you were apt to encounter demented old-timey clowns, patients escaping a sick ward, a woman administering Rorschach tests and more. Click through for a few pics from the weekend and don't miss out on your last chance to attend Inferno 2017, which goes for one more night tomorrow (Halloween). Get tickets HERE.

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Photos by Mike Monteiro

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