Scenes from Hanuk's Easter Dance Party at the Wooly


Nightlife photographer and generally fabulous man-about-town Hanuk had an Easter dance party last night at the Wooly with pals Camilla Staerk and Victor Glemaud and we sent photographer Zac Sebastian, the newest addition to the PAPERMAG fam, to capture all of the fun. Below, we chat with Hanuk, whose birthday it also was, about the evening. 

What did you get for your birthday?

You're always telling us about how hot Alec Baldwin is. Would a kiss from him be your ultimate fantasy birthday present?
That would be better than Jesus! 

You love to call people "young lady," even if they are not young or a lady. Did you meet any interesting young ladies at your party?

How are you feeling today?
Like Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video

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