Scary Movies 4 At Lincoln Center

The new line-up for the fourth year of enduring fright festival Scary Movies features five premieres and many classics. This five-day festival from Oct. 27- Oct. 31 at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center opens with the eagerly awaited zombie flick Stakeland, directed by Jim Mickle, about a virus that sweeps the country while a little boy, a zombie hunter and a nun (played by Kelly McGillis) make their way through the frightening terrain. The Clinic, by James Rabbits, about a pregnant woman who is abducted and awakes without her baby in a strange clinic also looks especially unnerving. Villiage Of Shadows, by Fouad Benhammou,  is about a remote haunted town where a group of twenty-somethings vanish. Other classics include Carrie, Dead Of Night, The Legend Of Hell House and Messiah Of Evil. Closing night, however, is my favorite. It features an Australian horror film called The Loved Ones by Sean Byrne that makes me berserk, I love it so much. It stars that new Twilight hottie Xavier Samuel as troubled high school student, Brent, who is kidnapped on prom night by a psychotic girl named Lola (Robin McLeavy) and brought back to their house of horrors for a special surprise. Wild and bloody and hilariously deranged -- this one will be great with a packed audience. It has won numerous awards at various festivals and I've been ranting about it glad people will be able to sample it's insane charms. 

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