Well, I don't know what everyone else thought but I thought Isaac Mizrahi was hilarious on the red carpet last night. HE WAS THE BEST!!!!!! Finally E! television got it right... They picked a way-out gay man to oogle over the glamour and get the stars laughing at themselves.  Plus he is completely see through when he thinks someone looks bad. He just didn't know what to say when Geena Davis came lumbering up to him in that ugly Escada thing. And when Scarlett Johanson busted up there (literally) in her red Valentino number (looking a little messy we may add)  he did what we all were thinking and would never have had the nerve to do. He squeezed her breast in order to examine exactly how it was "cantilevered" (that was the hysterical word he used) up so high in the Valentino creation. ( I mean, weren't we all curious how they were sitting up so high as if on a shelf?) It was SO outrageous but done perfectly. He even looked down Teri Hatcher's dress to see if she was hiding an acceptance speech somewhere... I hope he got high marks from the network because I want to see him attack the Academy Awards red carpet. Check it out cos were not the only ones talking about this. Some think Isaac should get his own Golden Globe for his fabulous coverage!!!!

see the video


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