No, not from the Germans, but from our own animal shelters! In a disturbing story from the L.A.Times on April 26, I learned that "in the 12 months ending March 31, city shelters put to death 5,622 unweaned kittens. That's slightly more than twice the number of pitbulls -- possibly the most reviled dog on the planet -- that were euthanized during the same period." Hey, I know some very sweet pitbulls! But I love cats -- and kittens even more! But I just can't take in any more strays. But if you have any room in your life for a friend for life PLEASE ADOPT A KITTEN from your local animal shelter! This is "kitten season," says Marcia Mayeda, director of Animal Care & Control for L.A. County "and we are overwhelmed with kittens." Because feral cats bother people less than wild dogs, fewer cats are caught and spayed and neutered, hence an avalanche of abandoned, motherless "neonatal" kittens come springtime!

What to do? One Dee Carey from Seal Beach wrote into the Times Monday with this:

The ultimate solution to the needless killing of motherless kittens is simple: the mandatory spaying and neutering of all cats. AB 1634, which was passed by the state Assembly Committee on Business and Professions last week and sent on to the Appropriations Committee, would mandate the spaying or neutering of all cats and dogs over the age of 4 months, unless the owners obtain a special permit.

Not surprisingly, the groups opposing this measure are primarily breeders, fearful of losing profits.

Until attitudes change and the pet population is under control, the motto should be, "Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die."

Seal Beach

SAVE THE KITTENS!! C'mon! Is there anything cuter than this:

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