Culture is fast approaching a point where we're numb to questionable decisions by celebrity lifestyle brands -- like Goop's "rapper handbags," Preserve's bumpy launch, or, well, Goop's diet failure -- so the introduction of new players into the landscape is either a breath of fresh air or totally unnecessary. Sarah Michelle Gellar has decided to get in on the fun, starting Foodstirs, a line of food and baking kits.

Obviously, full judgments can wait for a while, but Foodstirs... does not seem like the best idea. As Jezebel points out, the rationale behind the baking kits -- that Gellar didn't recognize the names of the ingredients in other cake mixes -- really doesn't hold up. And aggressively marketing as GMO-free is counterproductive and trades on unjustified fear of genetic modification. Maybe we should nip this in the bud and... put a... stake in Sarah Michelle Gellar's lifestyle brand. (Sorry.) Or maybe her lifestyle brand is just like cookie dough that isn't done baking.

Okay, okay, sorry. Seriously, though: I think the world can collectively agree that if any celebrity is going to start a lifestyle brand in this over-saturated market, it's January Jones, both because she is great and because her devotees could be called Fanuaries.
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