Sandwich of the Week: DBGB's Piggie

Jake Stavis
Perhaps the complete opposite of last week's Sandwich of the Week, Fatty Crab's understated yet blissful Fatty Slider, is the meat-on-meat spectacle The Piggie ($19) at Daniel Boulud's Bowery meat mecca DBGB. After recently enjoying the "Menage a Trois" burger sampler there with some fellow sandwich enthusiasts, I can declare with confidence that the Piggie is hands down the best burger on their menu.

The patty is six ounces, a moderate weight in the age of Double Downs. But fear not, burger lovers: Resting atop the divinely cooked beef is a generous pile of Daisy May's pulled pork. Who this Daisy May is, we may never know, but the girl knows her red meat. The sweet and tangy pork marinade mixes with the smokey char of the burger and a kicky jalapeño mayo to create a harmonious blend of flavor that would make the barbecue gods proud. Mustard vinegar slaw and Boston lettuce act as pallet-cooling elements for the hot and heavy dish, but steer clear of the jalapeño garnish. Unless you're enticed by the thought of eating pickled fire. All of this sits delicately atop a cheddar bun, and with a generous side of golden-brown shoestring fries there's really no need to see a dessert menu. (That said, asking your dining partner to order the chocolate-chocolate sundae and requesting an extra spoon certainly couldn't hurt).

299 Bowery, Between Houston and 1st St

(Photo by Thomas Schauer)

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