Meet The Eponymous Brainchild of Sanchez-Kane

Meet The Eponymous Brainchild of Sanchez-Kane

A first look at the new collection, "Men Without Fear Mini Series."

Photos by Akram Shah / Produced by Ella Cepeda / Words by Beatrice Hazlehurst

When Rei Kawakubo said, "For something to be beautiful it doesn't have to be pretty," she may as well have been talking about Mexican menswear brand Sánchez-Kane. The same goes for Nicolas Ghesquière, who claimed interesting fashion must "reflect our time. You have to witness your own moment." Sanchez-Kane, a "Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos," more than embraces both legends' advice — recycling all in our society that isn't so pretty into beautiful, boundary-breaking clothing.

The label is the eponymous brainchild of Barbara Sánchez-Kane, who describes her work as a "Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos," designed for the man who is mutually as sensitive as he is macho. Sánchez-Kane's debut at Mens Fashion Week this past July, shook the industry to it's core. Her collection both champions androgyny and refuses to shy away from the bizarre, somehow both avant-garde and ready-to-wear all at once. Expect Palomo Spain-esque male corsets, as well as pastels and de-constructed skin-showing suits, all designed for wearers seeking to subvert society's patriarchal construct, or, simply, men without fear.

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Photographer: Akram Shah
Stylist: Nayeli de Alba
Grooming: Patrycja Cichon using NYX HD foundation, Dermalogica Skin Care
& Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow
Models: Miguel @ St Claire, David Marquez @ RED and Yunis @ Major
Wallpaper photos by Paola Vivas
Videographer: Christopher Pitts @pitstopher for Dune Studios & CreativeDrive

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