Drake has a lot of really cool, really talented, really famous friends and thankfully they all really like his music which is great because they go on radio shows and cover it so Drake gets some much-needed exposure.

Sampha is the latest of Drake's pals/collaborators to do him this solid, shimmying on into BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge to cover 'Controlla' from Drake's album Views. Baby Samph strips "Controlla" of its dancehall beat and turns the tune into an orchestral masterpiece, turning the whole studio into a emotional wreck.

Drake and Sampha have a long history collaborating together, with the latter recently hopping on Drake's "4422", from More Life. Host Clara Amfa asks Sampha if he has enough material recorded with Drake to put together for a joint album, to which Sampha replies, "maybe." I need more from you than that Sampha.

You can listen to Sampha's whole session from the 2.00 hour mark, or if you're here for a good time not a long time, "Controlla" starts bumping around 2.14. Well worth checking out, friends.

Image via Youtube

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