UPDATE: Azealia has responded to RZA's damning account of the incident involving her being removed by Russell Crowe from his Beverly Hills hotel suite.

The Facebook makes some allusions to proof backing her claim (including a screenshot of a tweet Russell Crowe posted of her music video for "Big Big Beat."

Of, Azealia couldn't resist including some seriously low blows.

RZA took to Facebook to dispel both Azealia Banks' account, as well as the internet rumors that flared up, following her disturbing (and unfathomably) random spat with actor Russell Crowe last week at his Beverly Hills hotel suite.

The hip hop icon, who Banks claimed signed her to his record deal, explains that said deal was never cemented, and that he originally "went along" with Azealia's premature social media announcements because he "wanted her to win." RZA helped get Azealia cast as the lead in the upcoming movie he's producing, Coco, and wanted to continue working with her.

He went on to defended his friend Russell Crowe, and condemned Banks' behavior as "erratic and obnoxious."


Header photo via BFA

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