RuPaul's Drive With Chris Crocker Leaves Us Feeling Lukewarm

by Max Kessler

We haven't seen RuPaul Drives... -- the World of Wonder web series where RuPaul has a long drive and a long chat with a celeb -- in a few weeks, but now it's back and Ru is driving around with Chris Crocker, aka the "Leave Britney alone" guy-cum-one-time-porn-performer. Crocker is going apartment hunting in Hollywood, and over the course of the ride we discover what we already suspected, which that his life is in sort of a sorry state: while he's wrapping up a web series by Russell Simmons and making various one-off appearances on C-list TV shows, he also seems to regret the porno he made with his now-ex boyfriend and is generally an undesirable candidate for a loan. Apparently RuPaul tried to intervene in the pseudo train wreck of Crocker's early adulthood at one point, but now Ru seems resigned to Crocker's fate. Unlike the Courtney Stodden episode, which sort of warmed my heart to the (similarly) fame hungry lost soul who wasn't hugged enough as a child, Crocker seems insincere and happy to use RuPaul Drives... to bolster his fame a little -- if even for a moment. I will say this, though: it's nice to hear him talk about how femininity in gay men is often conflated with the perception of asexuality. Let's stop doing that.

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