The latest addition to Marc Jacob's new ad campaign is ex-RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Milk. The drag superstar is no stranger to the fashion world, previously starring in a Marc Jacobs T-shirt campaign for skin cancer research:

Milk, aka Dan Donigan, is in good campaign-company as she's set to appear alongside entertainment mavericks like Bette Midler, Sandra Bernhard and Lana Wachowski. What a line up

Jacobs noted in the image caption that his reason for using Milk in his campaign images was because his artistic drag sensibility reminded him of the drag queens prevalent in his NYC club days.

Take a look at the full image, which features an androgynous -- yet not full-on drag -- version of Dan and head over to Marc Jacobs' Instagram profile for all the other images.

[h/t OUT]

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