RuPaul Picks People Up in New Web Series "RuPaul Drives..."

by Max Kessler

Move over Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, there's a new car-based web series in town and it's much gayer. The folks over at World of Wonder have created a new series called RuPaul Drives..., which finds RuPaul picking up notable people about town -- in this case, popular YouTube twink Tyler Oakley -- and taking them for a ride. The drive is part interview and part sparring of the wits: Ru brings his A-game, telling jokes like his passenger is strutting down the runway in the fishiest drag. It's pretty amusing, but it's also nice to hear Ru answer random questions about himself (turns out his go-to karaoke song is "Achy Breaky Heart") and actually kind of weird to hear him swear without being bleeped over. Watch above and dream of RuPaul picking you up someday.

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