Judy! Judy! Judy! Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Magic! Magic! Magic! I'd post some fab video I grabbed of the momentous occasion but the big bad wolf representing copyright infrigement already halted the YouTube pirates and we don't want to piss Rufus' s "people" off. Not after he got my producer Krisitan Hoffman and I excellent seats and treated us to one of the most sophisticated nights I can remember EVER experiencing in NYC (as well as contributing some glorious vocals to a track on my next CD , almost finished, FYI, and ready for downloads this fall!) It was a cool downtown-goes-uptown star-studded night - Chloe Sevigny! Antony Hegarty! Robert Wilson! (My fave actress) Jane Adams! Marc Jacobs! Jack Pierson! Surprise guest Lorna Luft (inheritor of mama Judy's lung power, actually drowning out Rufus during their duet) and a house jam packed with a crowd obviously starved for good old fashioned entertainment and showmanship. Photographer Josef Astor, who resides in an apartment in the Carnegie Hall building, told me that the staff reported they'd never heard audiences roar like that in all their years working at the legendary concert hall! In a world dominated by meandering American Idol mediocrity, it was a joy to experience those fantastic songs, those incredible arrangements, that mind-boggling orchestra, the beyond adorable conductor, the stunning Martha Wainwright (who practically stole the show from her charming and audacious sibling) and the spirit of 1961 channelled through the fabulosity that is Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! All this AND a perfume launch by Victor & Rolf at the afterparty! Holly Golightly never had it so synergistic! I can't wait to come back to see him do the Barbra in Central Park Concert! Only in New York kids. Only in New York!


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