By now you've likely been sucked into the billowing, bottomless vortex that is the augmented reality of Pokémon Go. Or if you're anything like PAPER's staff, you were immediately intrigued by the prospect of meeting your next hook-up in a bar-turned-Pokémon-gym.

Unfortunately though, as numerous news reports have noted, real-world Pokémon hunting is not all fun and games, as a bunch of dumdums have systematically walked into a series of bad situations that run the gamut from hoaxes to murders to getting involved with just plain shitty people. So in an effort to educate all you Pokémon masters about the dangers awaiting you, PAPER has rounded up a few examples of the hidden pitfalls of your Pokémon Go obsession so you don't end up as the subject of one of these news blogs.


After all, you probably don't want to get stabbed, lured into an armed robbery or stumble upon a dead body, uh, ever.

Social Sensitivity

Because it's definitely not a good idea to catch Jigglypuffs at the Holocaust Museum. Or any other site memorializing historical tragedies.

Pokémon-Induced Tunnel Vision

Or accidentally wander into the DMZ.


Or fuck with the sort of drama Maury was invented for.

Stranger Danger

And you thought roommates eating your food was bad.

Big Brother Data-Mining

Similar to "Stranger Danger," but infinitely more invasively creepy.

But It's Also Not All So Bad

So, in summary, while we hope a rare Wartortle will bless your gaming experience, please don't murder anyone in the process.

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