Rose McGowan has been an outspoken warrior for women, defending actresses from the pernicious ageism that permeates Hollywood and speaking out against Trump's campaign and his virulent misogyny.

In an open letter to a Hollywood Reporter writer, who she took to task for being disrespectful and judgmental of Renee Zellweger for a change in appearance, McGowan wrote, "I speak as someone who was abused by Hollywood and by people like you in the media, but I'm a different breed, one they didn't count on." In the letter she was speaking to the relentless scrutiny women in Hollywood receive over their looks, age, and body.

However, in a series of tweets this weekend, McGowan implied that she had experienced abuse beyond just judgment on her looks. Using a hashtag, #WhyWomenDontReport, that has been used to discuss why women don't immediately report their sexual assaults (specifically in regards to the many women who have come forward now, after years, to accuse Donald Trump), McGowan tweeted about her own experiences. She references a sexual assault by a Hollywood studio head that she never pursued.

A follow-up tweet made it clear McGowan's going to keep on fighting the good fight.

[h/t AV Club]

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