Roman Polanski's Repulsion On DVD!

Repulsion is finally out on DVD! Roman Polanski’s 1965 terror masterpiece is about a disturbed young woman (Catherine Deneuve) living with her sister in a London flat and working in a beauty salon, who slowly loses touch with reality when her sister leaves her alone in the apartment to go on vacation -- walls crack mysteriously, hands reach out through the plaster, she is ravished nightly by imaginary strangers, a skinned rabbit rots on the counter. Never before has a movie felt like you were frighteningly stuck inside her head (the movie opens with a close-up of her eye). I remember seeing this several times in theaters and there is always one moment that the audience screams and jumps out of their seats (hint: it has to do with a mirror in the apartment). This Criterion disc finally does the movie justice; the transfer is extraordinary and the extras are sublime. There are two documentaries and one actually shows Polanski directing Catherine Deneuve on the set at the time and his thoughts on acting and directing are fascinating (particularly when he discusses a moment in East Of Eden with James Dean reaching hesitatingly for the money from his mother). This is possibly one of the finest of psychological shockers and its DVD release is a cause for celebration.

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