Roisin Murphy Reports: "Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Actually My Kind of Guy!"

Roisin Murphy

First stop, AEDES DE VENUSTAS, to fulfill my smelling pleasures then a wonderful lunch at Saint Ambrose. Philip Seymour Hoffman was eating there. I got giggly like a little girl... Philip Seymour Hoffman is actually my kind of guy! Then, off to see Kai Kuhne at his studio. Measurements were taken and then a quick dash to the Garment District to find the perfect lamé. We settled on a rose gold, a touch of glamour for one of Kai's minimalistic architectural creations. Yes folks, it was a busy day! Next, I went on to meet the Scissor Sisters peeps at their home-spun studio for a cozy cup of tea. Then to see my good friend Seth, whom I met when shooting for OUT Magazine. We ate somewhere, and were joined by an advertising executive, a mexican architect, my wonderful background singer Rihanna and a TV music composer... Only in NEW YORK!

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