As Hillary Clinton sturdily dragged a writhing Donald Trump into the Lake of Fire last night, another beast was taken out for a biblical tango last night. Rob Kardashian ostensibly reopened the family schism (that will most likely be prominently featured in a future ep. of Keeping Up with the Kardashians) by tweeting out his little sister Kylie's (alleged) phone number to his 6.66 (lol) million Twitter followers.

He made sure to indicate that his account had not been hacked, and that it was, in fact, Rob, dog.

The fairly savage act came as a response to his sisters apparently not inviting his fiancรฉe (Blac Chyna) to the baby shower they threw for the daughter growing inside her supple womb. The number offered up has since been disconnected (obviously), and no, I did NOT try to call it. I did think about it, though.

Meanwhile, as Rob raged on, Blac remained mum on the matter. The previous night, she'd been keeping it strictly business, live tweeting the third episode of Rob & Chyna, and pondering the full circle of life:

Kylie and Rob had apparently quelled whatever beef they had, considering Blac is the ex-girlfriend and baby mother of Kylie's life companion, Tyga, and Blac has recently mentioned that her future sister-in-laws will be part of her wedding to Rob. WHAT IN MEDIEVAL HELL????

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