Ritual Dance: Kianna Alarid, Tilly and the Wall

As told to: Alexis Swerdloff

This five-piece from Omaha has come a long way from being known as simply "that band with a tap dancer instead of a drummer." For one thing, TaTW have brought in a drummer for their live performances to complement Jamie Williams' tap dancing. Secondly, their dance-pop meets folk collective beats feel somehow a bit more glam this time around. Their new album O is out this June.

We definitely all have things that we have to do. I used to lose my voice every night. It was a huge problem, so now I have to warm up. I just have to find either a quiet place or a really, really noisy place and then I do my humming. When we were touring with Capgun Coup, I'd literally watch them every night, and I would hum the whole time. Other than this, we do a huddle before we go on. Right before we head onstage, and it's funny because we never really talk about the fact that we do it, it just happens at every single show since the first show, we huddle. And each time we say, 'OK, low energy, no smiling, I don't want to see any smiles,' and then we just freak out and go out.

Photograph by Bob Walters


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